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Puppy ID:  Gram

Comments:-Gram is a sweet boy and last left in his litter. He loves being active and romping around. He will play with anything that he can pick up or drag around and a bonus if it is soft or squeaky. He is ACA registered and already microchipped which both will transfer into the new family’s name when he goes to his new home. I can do videos if you want to see him in action. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call.

Hold Puppy for Me

Breed: Italian Greyhound
Sex: M
Birthday: 4/3/2023
Color :Blue & White
Microchip #: 900217000688126
Transportation Options:



Tony's Blue Treasure
Points Toward Title: 6

Health Certifications:

Heart: Apparently free of any defects
Eyes: Free of entropion
Dental: Normal bite / no missing teeth
Knees: No Luxating Patellas
Toby's Baby Girl